Virtual Chiropractic Practice

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

To Rochester House Call Chiropractic Practice Members:

During this unprecedented time, it is understandable that you are either unable or are reluctant to follow through on in person treatments.

The reality is that the emotional stress of the current situation and the physical demands of having to work from home are not helping you get any closer to your goals of living a healthy lifestyle.

As your chiropractor, I don't want the inability to meet in person to interfere with your progress.

And that’s why I’m excited to launch VIRTUAL CHIROPRACTIC APPOINTMENTS via Telehealth to help minimize unnecessary risk with in person appointments.

Beginning 04/01/2020:

✔️ Rochester House Call Chiropractic will be providing all practice members TWO NEW OPTIONS for Virtual Chiropractic Appointments through Telehealth.

✔️ Rochester House Call Chiropractic will also provide prospective patients an opportunity to connect with a Doctor free of charge with a secure Telehealth Consultation.

WHY Virtual Appointments?

  1. Virtual Appointments allows Rochester House Call Chiropractic the ability to continue to serve those who may suffer from musculoskeletal and other #health challenges

  2. Virtual Appointments allow for continuity of care so patients can stay #healthy and achieve their goals

  3. Virtual Appointments give patients the ability to stay connected with their healthcare providers in a capacity that is safe during #socialdistancing and #quarantine

  4. Virtual Appointments improve patient outcomes and overall patient experience

Choose One of Three Virtual Appointment Options with

Dr. Bethany Buryta: ⁣

Option 1:

Schedule a FREE 15 Minute Virtual Consultation

👉🏻 For anyone wondering if chiropractic care is an option at this time or in the future.⁣ ⁣

Option 2:

Schedule a Virtual Report of Findings

👉🏻 For Rochester House Call Chiropractic patients who have already received an initial consultation, health history overview, digital posture analysis, chiropractic physical examination, and work/sleep ergonomic assessment. This is an opportunity to go over your treatment plan and at home recommendations.⁣ Note: A Virtual Report of Findings Appointment is FOR ESTABLISHED PATIENTS ONLY.

The Virtual Report of Findings Appointment is 45 minutes and includes:

- Treatment Plan Overview

- Health and Wellness Goal Setting

- Pain Management Instructions⁣

- ADL Instruction

- Activity Modifications/Enhancements