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Rochester's House Call Chiropractor

🤗My name is Dr. Bethany Buryta and next month I will be celebrating 8 years in chiropractic practice and 6 months as Rochester's House Call Chiropractor. I'd like to use my first blog post !!! as an opportunity to update you on what it is I do as a #traveling #chiropractor.

✅ I provide #mobile chiropractic care to my patients - meaning I travel to you and take care of your family in the comfort of your own home or office. No herding multiple children for a doctor appointment, no sitting in traffic or putting miles on your car, and no germy waiting rooms. You don't have to stress about putting on makeup or finding your shoes when the #Doctor comes to you 😉

✅ One of the main reasons I created this practice model was so that I could better serve and support moms and their babies in the #pregnant and #postpartum seasons of life. Do you know someone that would benefit from home care? Please share this info with them! PS let them know I'm Webster Certified through the ICPA. PPS also let them know they can use their HSA/FSA for payment!

✅ I am available 7 days per week! Do you know any other doctors who have Sunday hours? You can check my weekly availability and schedule here:

✅ Ya'll its almost 2020 #convenience is EV.Er.Y.tHinG. My virtual office allows for paperless intake forms, scheduling and payment. I can't even count how many patients have already told me they filled out their intake paperwork from BED. Also - it's killing less trees so there's that.

✅ If you've had a chance to check out my website ( you might have found my online dispensary where you are able to purchase professional grade supplements that are delivered right to your door. It’s free and easy to start your own account with me, all you need is an email! I’m always available to discuss any questions you might have regarding supplementation too. Currently, I’m offering a small discount on any product you purchase through my store through the end of November AND be on the look out for some huge #CyberMonday sales that are about to drop - inquire within for further details!

✅ Patients are constantly asking me for tools they can use to help heal and rehab their backs at home, so I created a new product recommendations section on my website where you can support a small, woman owned, local business while you shop on amazon. Check out for all your home care needs.

✅ I love connecting with holistic, natural mamas and in an effort to do so, I’m hosting Wellness Wednesday classes at Center Cafe and Studio this month. I would love to have you join us on Wednesday November 20 at 6:30pm for this weeks discussion about prebiotics, probiotics and adaptogens, as well free samples and a super fun make and take using #YoungLiving #essentialsoils and other products.

#Education is important to me and I use my social media platforms to share content that I believe is valuable to Rochester mamas. The best place to connect with me is on #IG: @rochousecallchiro or #Facebook - just send me (Bethany Buryta DC) a friend request or follow my business page @Rochester House Call Chiropractic 🙂

If you’re still with me, thanks for listening! Please reach out if you have any questions at all

❤️ I hope to see you soon!

Dr. Bethany Buryta

Rochester House Call Chiropractic


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