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Home Work Station Recommendations for a Healthy Back

Updated: Jun 10, 2020


❓Were you forced to start working from home over the past few months?⁣⁣

👩🏼‍💻What is your workspace like?⁣⁣

⚡️Is it causing you pain or discomfort? ⁣⁣

🤔 Are you worried about the long term effects of poor posture and repetitive motions?⁣⁣

⌨️Would you like to know how to function better in your own space?⁣⁣

Lucky for you, Rochester House Call Chiropractic is now offering Ergonomic Assessments and Recommendations as part of your examination!

Not sure where to begin? Read on to see if you would benefit from an ergonomic assessment and recommendations!


The past several months have brought about new lifestyle habits for all of us.

Many of us have been:

  • Working from home (AKA the dining room table)

  • Homeschooling / distance learning (Also at the dining room table)

  • Working with children at home (increased stress and screen time)

  • More sedentary than ever before

That is why I’m happy to share a few ERGONOMIC TIPS and BIOMECHANICAL RECOMMENDATIONS in order to make home-work life more comfortable for you and your family.


#1 Common complaint from patients

"I’m stuck in the same uncomfortable position for long periods of time"

What I recommend:

1. Standing Desk Seville Classics Airlift

This product allows you to change positions frequently from sitting to standing while maintaining proper ergonomics when using your desktop/laptop.

For just under $100, enjoy a 37% discount off the cost of this stand up desk converter from the link below!

2. Memory Foam Low Back Support Cushion

This product provides a little extra lumbar (low back) support without having to buy a brand new ergonomic desk chair. It can be moved from chair to chair, and even to the car for long drives! Check out all the different colors it comes in too.

3. Schedule a chiropractic home visit and I’ll be able to assess your work station and give recommendations SPECIFIC to you in your own space!


#2 Common complaint from patients

"I can't sit still and need to change positions frequently"

What I recommend:

1. Stability Core Balance Disc

Sitting on this balance disc is similar to sitting on a physioball but not nearly as big and bulky! It prevents poor postures like slouching and forward head carriage, while simultaneously stabilizing and strengthening your core. Use this product to maintain proper spinal posture and avoid putting unwanted forces on your back while sitting. It is also a great wiggle seat for kids that prefer to move around during instruction and schoolwork time!

2. Pettibon Therapeutic Wobble Chair

The Pettibon System Therapeutic Wobble Chair provides back pain relief with 360° of rotation to facilitate all possible combinations of exercise motion. It is designed to rehydrate spinal discs, stretch tight and sore muscles, improve lumbar disc mobility, nutrition delivery, and waste elimination.

3. Schedule a chiropractic home visit for a complete spinal evaluation and treatment!


#3 Common complaint from patients

"I’m concerned about all the extra screen time lately"

What I recommend:

1. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Prolonged exposure to blue light will cause eye fatigue, blurred vision and headache. It can also negatively influence the posture of your neck while viewing the screen. These glasses block the most harmful blue light from computer, phone and TV so you don't have to squint or strain to see.

2. KIDS Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Kids are seeing way more screen time over these past several months, too! Check out these adorable anti - blue light computer glasses for kids, with matching zipper case and cleaning cloth. They filter out high blue light emitted from electronic devices, like computer screen, smartphone, TV, etc.

3. Schedule a chiropractic home visit for a digital posture assessment and ergonomic evaluation for the whole family!


I hope these simple suggestions and at home tools help you to create a healthier work space at home!

Be on the lookout for June's blog post

where I'll discuss my at home recommendations

for healthy sleep postures and supports!

As always, please reach out with any questions and stay safe out there.

Yours in health and wellness,

Dr. Bethany Buryta

Mobile Chiropractor

Rochester House Call Chiropractic

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