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Ergonomics for Better Sleep 🌙😴💤

Sleeping posture is just as important as how you sit and stand. Body position, pillow support and mattress all contribute to sleep ergonomics.

Do you have any idea if you are in correct anatomical position while you sleep?

Read on to find out the best positions and supports for optimal sleep posture!


The Back Sleeper:

This is the preferred sleeping posture in which the spine stays relatively neutral and there is the least amount of stress on muscles and joints. It is the optimal position for breathing, too.

For adequate support while sleeping on your back, try these products:

This particular set by Core Products International comes with a firm pillow that helps support your neck while laying on your back. It also includes a convenient travel pillow so you don't have to suffer when sleeping on the go!

The Angle by Back Support Systems "is a complete ergonomic and zero gravity position that allows the lower part of your leg to hang freely, which creates passive traction on the low back." It is sized to your body so be sure to check in with Dr. Bethany Buryta before making this purchase!


The Side Sleeper:

This is a great option if you are uncomfortable on your back OR if you are pregnant.

According to Healthline, "While sleeping on your back has long been thought to be the ideal sleeping position, research is showing that side sleeping can have just as many benefits. When done correctly with the proper body alignment, sleeping on your side can reduce both joint and low back pain, as well as chronic pain associated with long-term conditions like fibromyalgia. Another benefit to sleeping on your side is reduced snoring, a common symptom seen in obstructive sleep apnea."

For optimal side sleeping, try these products:

Another great option for proper neck support is this water pillow from Core Products International. It is made with 100% cotton fiber cushion that encloses a therapeutic water chamber. Patients love this option because the water instantly responds to changing body positions for comfort and it is fully adjustable to fit every person.

Ergonomically designed, this pillow was created for use in between the knees and provides maximum support so your hips stay stacked while sleeping on your side. Scoop it up now while its on sale and don't forget to apply the coupon at checkout to save an extra 10% discount when you click on the affiliate link above!


The Back AND Side Sleeper:

If you have difficulty staying in one position from the time you fall asleep to the time you wake, a hybrid of back and side sleeping posture may be the best option for you!

Here are my absolute favorite products for all you hybrid sleepers out there:

I may be a little biased because I have been using the Therapeutica for years myself. This one is the Cadillac of pillows because it is sized to you and the contoured head rest keeps the head and neck level which helps to restore the natural curve of your cervical spine. It also includes a wedge for upper back support as well as a channel for jaw pressure relief. Snag it from the link above now while it's on sale, but be sure that you have the correct size first!

Can't forget the kiddos by starting good sleep habits NOW. This toddler pillow offers support for children ages 2-7, is made with medium density memory foam and comes with a stuff sack for easy travel. It is also certified ROHS and REACH, meaning it is safe for children and pets!

This pillow is probably the most versatile product featured on this particular #blog post. The original McKenzie Lumbar Roll can be used under your lumbar spine when on your side, or behind your lumbar spine when on your back while sleeping. It can also be attached to office chairs, vehicle and plane seats, as well as your own waist for the other waking hours of the day!


The Belly Sleeper:

I'm sorry but PLEASE, just DON'T do it!

Stomach sleeping is the hardest on your spine and organs, so try to avoid that position if at all possible.

And if you absolutely can't stop, please call me at (585) 252 - 2099 so we can find a better situation for you and your body!


Still waking up with pain and stiffness?

Need help selecting a new mattress?

Have questions about the information above?

As a mobile chiropractor, I'm able to assess your individual situation and can give you instant personalized suggestions for optimal sleep positions with


Click here to schedule an in-home visit and ergonomic assessment of your sleep space!


Interested in EVEN MORE natural options to help you get the rest you need?

See what this Rochester House Call Chiropractic patient had to say about her experience:

If you would like to learn more about

how to get a restful night's sleep,

schedule a #FREE 15 minute Virtual Consult Here


Getting the right supports, certain herbs and supplements, AND EVEN CHIROPRACTIC CARE have been shown to help with sleep.

Check out this information on sleep and chiropractic from

“If you can't seem to get a good night's sleep, there's some good news. Booking a visit with a chiropractor won’t just soothe your achy back—it may also improve the quality of your shuteye. While chiropractors generally aren’t thought of as being experts on sleep issues, one-third of people who have a chiropractic adjustment report that they experience immediate sleep improvement.

Is this treatment right for you? If it’s pain that’s keeping you awake—whether it's back pain, neck pain or headaches—then maybe. Chiropractic care helps alleviate discomfort and improve relaxation and blood flow. So if a lower backache is what's causing you to toss and turn, then it may be worth a visit. But if it’s, say, anxiety that’s keeping you up, then you’re better off finding a different type of specialist, such as a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Not only can a chiropractor diagnose and treat spinal problems to relieve discomfort, but he or she can also offer suggestions for getting better sleep. Your chiropractor may tell you which particular sleep position is best for you (most chiropractors discourage snoozing on your stomach) and whether a chiropractic pillow or a more supportive mattress might be the key to ending your restless nights.

And adults aren’t the only ones who can benefit. Forty percent of infants experience deeper slumbers after just one session with a chiropractor—a fact that every parent will love, considering that about one out of four babies has sleep troubles. And it’s likely that once your tot is sleeping well, you’ll get a better night’s sleep, too.”


Again, please reach out with any questions; I'm soo happy to help!

Sweet Dreams from your Favorite Chiropractor,

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