Boosting Immunity with Supplementation

Hi friends I hope that April’s Blog Post finds you well!

With the changing of the seasons and the stress many of us are under right now, I wanted to talk about a topic that I receive a lot of questions about:

How to Boost Immunity and Support Your Body at the Cellular Level with Vitamins and Supplementation

Sounds complicated and overwhelming but it really isn’t most of the time.

Rochester House Call Chiropractic’s online dispensary has several Immune Support Protocols, Vitamin Protocols for Cold and Flu season, and Respiratory Care Protocols within the template library that are provided by other healthcare practitioners and backed by research.

Here is just one example of an Immune Support Protocol from a Medical Doctor that I’d like to share with the disclaimer that recommendations in the protocol are for initial guidance and may not be appropriate for every patient.

A word first from Dr. Ronald Hoffman:

“Cold and flu season is on the way, and I believe the best medicine is preventive medicine to bolster our immune defenses. While the Intelligent Medicine Starter Kit provides a good foundation for health, those looking to safeguard their immune systems will benefit from additional focused supplementation. Over the years I have refined my list of top supplements offering the greatest boost for your immune system when it is most needed. My patients and listeners who have followed this regimen report remarkably few instances other than the mildest respiratory infections. Give it a shot!”

Immunity Support Protocol

by Ronald Hoffman MD


Aged Garlic Extract Formula 103


A product that harnesses the documented immune-boosting effects of Aged Garlic Extract along with potent co-factors.

QOL Labs

ImmunoKinoko 500mg


Check out Dr. Hoffman’s podcast on the mechanism and importance of this one!

Orthomolecular Products



Contains zinc and echinacea.