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At Home Product Recommendations for Healthy Living

The Back Story:

Initial home visits with Rochester House Call Chiropractic always include a virtual or in person consultation, detailed health history, digital posture exam and analysis, a chiropractic physical including range of motion testing, nervous system assessment and spinal examination, as well as treatment and referral if deemed medically necessary.

(read: ability to obtain valuable information about your health challenges and goals)


During visits, my patients and I will often discuss aspects of health like proper ergonomics, nutrition habits, hydration, sleep hygiene, rehabilitative exercises, or other natural therapeutic practices to support wellness.

(read: holistic, realistic healthcare)


Once I’ve gathered all this information related to each unique individual and environment, I have the ability to give my best recommendation for care.

(read: we have a plan to help you address health related concerns and ultimately the opportunity to live your best life!)



So Why is all this important?

For over 2 years, I’ve been working to make this process more accessible, convenient, and affordable to my patients

(read: CLICK HERE to check out the NEW STOREFRONT with my favorite product recommendation in the Ideas Lists)

Which is why I’m so excited to announce that it’s even easier to find and purchase home health products that I routinely recommend because now it’s all in one spot on AMAZON

The Disclaimers:

Each product featured here has been independently selected and reviewed personally by yours truly. Recommendations made in my practice and on this website are an honest opinion from the past decade + of training and experience I have obtained in primary and supportive care as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

(read: endless hours of continuing education, conferences, seminars, vendor fairs, pearls from mentors, and using many of these products daily myself fuel the suggestions made here and made in your treatment plan)

Recommendations are made with the intention of providing support and relief to Rochester House Call Chiropractic patients during the healing process and AFTER a thorough history and examination has been completed.

(read: schedule a virtual consult or at home evaluation with the Doctor prior to starting any new health plan or product)

Recommendations here and ones from treatment plans that are discussed at your report of findings may include items such as pillows, braces, supports, rehabilitation equipment, topical analgesics, supplementation, and even educational books related to health and wellness.

(read: things YOU can use at home to take charge of YOUR health)

If you make a purchase using the links included, as an Amazon Influencer, I may earn from qualifying purchases.

(Read: You're supporting a small, woman owned, Rochester New York business while you shop on amazon and it is soooooo appreciated!)


Be on the lookout for October’s Blog Post where I’m celebrating Rochester House Call Chiropractic’s new offering by featuring my Top Picks from every category in the online storefront.

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