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12 Days of Holiday Discounts and Giveaways

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Rochester House Call Chiropractic kicked off December with 12 days straight of holiday discounts and giveaways. Read on to check it out!

Note: Some links below are affiliate links, which means I may make a commission on qualifying purchases. There’s no added cost to you, and I appreciate your support of my free content.


🎁 Day 1 Winners Received a Winter Wellness Kit

The 2020 Winter Wellness Kit included:

Vital Proteins Vitality Immune Booster Powder

Contains collagen peptides which are associated with a number of health benefits like helping increase muscle mass, preventing bone loss and relieving joint pain. There’s also electrolytes, Vitamins B3, B6, B12, C, and D, other minerals, amino acids and antioxidants like L-glutamine,L-arginine, magnesium and zinc! Super easy to consume, just mix in cold liquids and enjoy!

Dr. Mercola Single Serve Probiotic Powder Packet

Probiotics in general help your body maintain a healthy gut and overall healthy microbiome. This particular packet contains 70 Billion CFU and 10 viable probiotic strains! It has a rapsberry taste that mixes well with water or juice.

Coromega 3 (+D) Squeeze Sample

Omega 3 fatty acids are super important! But fish oil supplements are some of the hardest to stomach and so I'm always trying to find different forms for consumption. This sample is actually an emulsified formula, which is clinically proven to absorb 300% more efficiently than soft gels. It is manufactured in NSF certified facility which ensures the highest purity emulsified fish oil! It's another supplement that is easy to consume, just squeeze and go!

Designs for Health Immune Support Packets

Each Immune support packet includes this powerhouse of immune boosting supplements:

-4 Immunitone plus capsules (with ingredients like echinacea, astragalus, elderberry, green tea extract, auric acid, and a couple different mushrooms)

-1 Vitamin D complex capsule

-1 Stellar C capsule

-1 Zinc Supreme capsule

-1 N-acetyl-L-cysteine capsule which is an amino acid that is often used for lung conditions like COPD, bronchitis, common cough and flu symptoms

Buddha Teas Elderberry Tea

There is so much research out there to support the benefits of elderberry. It is a great source of antioxidants that helps strengthen the immune system, support upper respiratory health and even helps to fight off the common cold and some strains of the flu! This tea is kosher, caffeine and goo free, and great for a cold winter day.

For those who participated in the Day 1 promotion: all of these samples are available for reference and purchase within your Fullscript Account

For all those who missed this awesome opportunity: It's easy and free to sign up for Fullscript - click here and sign up with your email! Then be on the lookout early in January for more discounts on your favorite products!


🎁 Day 2 Discounts on

Goli Nutrition Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies


Apple Cider Vinegar has so many health benefits, meanwhile it can be so harsh on your taste buds and teeth 🤢⁣


🍎 Goli gummies make getting your dose of Apple Cider Vinegar much more enjoyable so you can experience all the benefits, including:⁣


🍏 Healthy Digestion⁣

🍏 Detoxification⁣

🍏 Enhanced Energy⁣

🍏 Appetite Reduction⁣

🍏 Support for a Healthy Heart and Immune System ⁣


✅ Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies are Gluten Free, Vegan, Organic, Non GMO, Unfiltered, Gelatin Free and Kosher Certified. ⁣


❌ They are also are free of Artificial Flavors, Artificial coloring, Preservatives and Artificial Sweeteners. ⁣


🙌 And the best part? With every order, a 6 Month supply of Vitamins is donated to a child in need through our partnership with Vitamin Angels.


✳️ Grab a bottle of your own by clicking here and be sure to use my code


for an ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT off your purchase!⁣


🎁 Day 3 Winners Received FREE Splendid Spoon Wellness Shots

(Still Available While Supplies Last)

Plus Discounts On First Timer Splendid Spoon Orders

These Wellness Shots made by Splendid Spoon are a quick and easy way to boost nutrition and immunity in one sip. Splendid Spoon Wellness Shots:

  • Have Anti-inflammatory Ingredients

  • Aid in digestion

  • Help improve energy

  • Support a strong immune system

Splendid Spoon Wellness Shots are GLUTEN-FREE, with NO ADDED SUGAR and have whole food ingredients including:

  • organic cold pressed orange juice

  • organic lemon juice

  • organic ginger

  • organic oregano extract

  • himalayan sea salt

These ingredients together help to boost your immune system, fight inflammation, relieve nausea, aid in digestion, reduce the severity and duration of cold symptoms, and even improve brain function and energy.

👉 How to grab these shots:

1. I will personally deliver a wellness shot to your home in the Greater Rochester Area after you tag 3 friends not already following @rochousecalldoc on instagram 🏠 ⁣

2. You can order wellness shots online as add-ons to weekly deliveries. Splendid Spoon Weekly Deliveries include ready to eat, nutrient dense, plant based ☑️ smoothies ☑️ soups ☑️ grain bowls and ☑️ noodle bowls. So if you were considering a home food delivery service for the winter and decide to add on some wellness shots, you can receive $25 off your first order using this link! 🍽⁣

3. You can order wellness shots in bulk on the Splendid Spoons Stock Up Box page (unfortunately no discounts offered there) 📦 ⁣

🍊Cheers to health and bottoms up!🍋


🎁 Day 4 Winner Received Two of My Favorite Toys

This giveaway was a special one to me because it fell on the day I was born! To celebrate, I gifted two of my favorite toys from Rochester House Call Chiropractic’s Amazon Storefront

SmartNoggin and Manhattantoy Toys are both featured on last months blog post as some of my all time favorite neurodevelopment for children, and here’s why:

The Skwish Classic Rattle and Teether has been one of my most treasured baby items since it was gifted to me by a Montessori Mama at my son’s baby shower over 7 years ago. This colorful wooden rattle encourages grasping and reaching which are important gross motor skills. It’s also a unique teether with a pleasing rattle sound that allows baby to explore cause and effect activity. The Skwish even works as a geometrical and aesthetically pleasing decoration for any nursery or playroom when not in use.

I love the Noggin Rings Reaching and Grasping Toy because it was created by an early intervention therapist and it comes with a user-friendly, easy to follow booklet that tells parents what their baby should be doing at any given stage, which allows parents to assess their infant’s developmental progress through playful activities. Noggin Rings encourage visual tracking, batting, reaching, grasping, and transferring from one hand to another. They also facilitate social play, parent–infant interaction, and a fun bonding experience with your baby. Currently sold out online, check out these other wonderful SmartNoggin early childhood toys that promote many of the same neurodevelopment in infants.

All of these toys make great gifts for the new parents/kiddos in your life!


🎁 Day 5 Discounts From School Mask Pack

😷 Let’s face it, wearing a mask for the better portion of 2020 has been challenging, especially for kids. ⁣That’s why I partnered with School Mask Pack - to make mask wearing more enjoyable for children and parents alike. ⁣


🎉These reusable dual layer fabric masks come in different colors and unique designs that are fun for kids.⁣


💛 I love them because of the adjustable ear straps, flexible nose clip and individual name tags to help keep track of which mask belongs to who.⁣


For the rest of December, enjoy these Winter Savings from SchoolMaskPack™:⁣


🎁 Day 6 Winner Received This Super Fun Super Hero Kit ⁣


I was so excited to be partnering with the amazing brand Momeez Choice to gift one lucky winner this Superhero Kit that includes:⁣

🍭 One package of LOLLEZ organic sore throat variety pack soothing lollipops ⁣


🍭One package of TUMEEZ organic tummy soothing lollipops ⁣


🍭One package of IMMUNITEEZ organic immune support elderberry lollipops ⁣


🦸And One fun superhero cape⁣


👍 The winner has already received her superhero kit, but don't stress because you can still grab some on the links featured here to add as a healthy stocking stuffer:


🎁 Day 7 Complimentary⁣ RockTape Session With

Rochester House Call Chiropractic


If you’re my patient, you know I’m obsessed with RockTape⁣


I love it because it provides functional support and stability while allowing for a full range of motion. It can also be useful in reducing swelling and discomfort after an injury and during recovery. ⁣In some cases, I even add cupping therapy with RockPods and therapeutic exercise instruction with RockBalls to help promote healing after a good chiropractic adjustment.⁣